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2010 Seminar Series

Speaker: Belinda Iringe-koko

Title: Illicit tobacco: Policy responses, consumption and attitudes

Date & Time: Friday 15 October - 1pm-2pm

Venue: G37 & G38


Background: The existence of illicit tobacco undermines the effect of tax rises (above the rate of inflation) to encourage smokers to quit and stops the initiation of new smokers. In addition, it costs governments across the world in excess of in lost revenue. The term ‘illicit tobacco’ describes cheap tobacco products that are either smuggled (legitimately manufactured tobacco that is exported and re-imported illegally), bootlegged (duty-paid tobacco products purchased in a low tax jurisdiction, and illegally resold in a high tax jurisdiction paying no local revenue tax (Joossens et al, 2000; CMO, 2004; Hornsby and Hobbs, 2007)) or counterfeit (tobacco products illegally manufactured and then passed off as legitimate products).

Overview of thesis: There is very limited research on illicit tobacco in England; therefore this thesis aims to explore the nature and extent of the demand for illicit tobacco in England. It is hoped that it can highlight relevant implications for future policy and practice in tackling the illicit tobacco trade in England.

Belinda Iringe-koko is on a Cancer Research UK studentship (The Lynn MacFayden Studentship in Tobacco Control) which commenced in September 2009. Her primary supervisor is Dr Andy McEwen and her second supervisor, from the University of Nottingham, is Professor Ann McNeill.

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