Lydia Poole

Lydia Poole - Research student - Psychobiology Group
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Address: 1 - 19 Torrington Place, London WC1E 7HB
Supervisors: Professor Andrew Steptoe, Dr. Mark Hamer, Professor Marjan Jahangiri (St George’s Hospital, University of London).

Biographical details:
Lydia Poole was awarded first class honours for a 4-year BSc in Psychology at the University of Bath in 2006, including a one year academic placement in neuropsychiatry at Hunter New England Mental Health in Newcastle, Australia. On graduation, Lydia worked as a rehabilitation assistant for Headway, a brain injury organization. In 2007/8 she undertook an MSc in Health Psychology at the University of London (KCL and UCL) for which she was awarded a distinction. Lydia secured funding for this Master’s with a scholarship awarded by the Medical Research Council. During the MSc Lydia completed a research project with the Psychobiology Research Group at UCL under the supervision of Professor Steptoe and Dr. Hamer on an intervention study that investigated the effect of exercise withdrawal on mood, neuroendocrine and autonomic markers. This work provided the basis for the MSc dissertation project.

Lydia worked as a full-time research assistant in the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health for a year following the completion of her MSc. In 2009 she was awarded a studentship from the British Heart Foundation for the PhD research project: “Neuroendocrine and inflammatory factors in adjustments and recovery after cardiac surgery”. The aim of the PhD is to examine the effect of biological processes involved in recovery from cardiac surgery using a longitudinal design.

Research interests:
Lydia’s research interests are in the psychophysiology of heart disease. In particular this involves examining the interaction between psychosocial, neuroendocrine and inflammatory pathways affecting outcomes and long term adjustment in patients with coronary heart disease.

Publication/Conference presentation:

March, 2009. Poole, L., Hamer, M., & Steptoe, A., A randomised controlled trial investigating the effect of exercise withdrawal on mood, interleukin-6 and heart rate variability. Talk presented at the Spring School: the ABC of Stress, Dresden, Germany.

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