UCL Innovation and Enterprise


“Discovery to Use” Pre-commercialisation Funding for Engineering and the Physical Sciences

This funding is intended to progress UCL research discoveries in Engineering and the Physical Sciences at the pre-commercialisation stage towards “real-world” use and benefit. Projects should demonstrate measurable impact to all partners and should preferably attract a contribution from the external partner. Projects will be prioritised where a matching funding contribution is provided by the partner organisations, with a target level expected of at least a third of the requested EPSRC funding as a contribution (see guidance for lower thresholds of expected contribution for SMEs and non-commercial partners).

Proposal Criteria

  1. Projects should have a clear knowledge exchange focus.
  2. Project partners must have a UK-based research presence.
  3. Project must be for work with clear links to the EPSRC portfolio (relevant research grant numbers will need to be provided).
  4. Projects should demonstrate measurable impact to all partners and should attract a contribution from the external partner towards the project costs (see guidance).
  5. Project partners should provide written agreement of contribution at application and commit to sign a UCL Research Services approved contract if the project is awarded.
  6. The EPSRC-part of the project funding should come to £10k-£100k for 3-12 months' duration.
  7. Applicants should seek support and approval from their Head of Department before they apply.

Allowable costs

One third of the total funding required should come from third parties (see further guidance for details, exceptions and costing instructions). All direct costs, including PI time and other directly allocated costs can be covered; estates and indirect costs are not covered.

Proposal format

To be accepted, submissions should include:

  • The completed application form
  • Written confirmation of support from the partner (email or scanned letter)
  • For any applications>£10k Worktribe costing report (see guidance) and complete costing tool
  • Confirmation of approval from the Head of Department and departmental administrator.
  • Completed submissions should be emailed to: knowledge.exchange@ucl.ac.uk.

The application form, costing tool and guidance are available to download below

Award Conditions

Applicants must agree to this commitment and take part in the monitoring processes. Applicants must also engage with UCL Business (UCLB) and the research contracts office to ensure UCL’s IP is protected and its value maximised where appropriate.

Funds are dispersed using the usual UCL financial regulations and systems. Funds must be spent within the terms and conditions of the EPSRC, meaning any unaccounted costs or under spends will be clawed back for re-use within further calls. Overspends are the responsibility of the department.

Awards may be reviewed in confidence by academic and professional services’ members of the UCL community. The decision to award, suggest resubmission, or to decline rests with the UCL Innovation and Enterprise Funding Committee, following which applicants will be notified about any next steps.

Key dates for 2017

Deadline (9 am) Earliest Starting Date Maximum Project Duration
4 September 2017 1 October 2017 12 months
2 October 2017
1 November 2017  
6 November 2017 1 December 2017