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Funding your project

Find useful links to funding opportunities for research and innovation projects.

    Funding sources

    Find internal sources of funding

    Visit the websites listed below to find internal sources of funding. Many of these websites have newsletters to help you keep up to date on new funding opportunities. 

    Find external sources of funding

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    Check limits!

    Funders may ask UCL to limit the number of applicants who can be put forward for specific calls. In this case, usually, Research Coordination Offices (RCOs) internally manage UCL/Faculty-wide selection processes. Open internally managed calls can be found on the three RCOs webpages:

    Funding advice

    In the first instance, speak with your faculty or department manager for tailored advice. They will support you or guide you to the appropriate business service teams.  

    Research Coordination offices

    UCL's Research Coordination Offices (RCOs) support fellowships, personal, and larger collaborative awards for researchers. They can help you to plan your applications and navigate to other sources of support at UCL. 

    Other useful contacts


    Before you start the application process

    Make sure you read the Understanding the approval process page before starting any application process. You should also refer to Develop your idea section of the Portal for further information.