UCL Earth Sciences


Departmental Research Seminar Series

Seminar time: Friday at noon | Location: Garwood Lecture Theatre, South Wing Building

Pre-seminar Tea/Coffee in the Rock Room at 11:30AM

Seminar organiser: Prof Eric Oelkers

Seminars - Term 2 (2016)





15 Jan
David Dobson UCL, Earth Sciences
Greater than the sum of the parts: Grain boundaries in the lower mantle.
22 Jan
Mark Maslin UCL, Geography
Defining the Anthropocene Epoch.
29 Jan
Helle Pedersen University of Grenoble, France
Seismic noise: opening a new window to the deep Earth.
5 Feb
Patricia Sanchez-Barracaldo University of Bristol Co-evolution of life and the biosphere: a phylogenomic approach
12 Feb
Paul Nadeau Stavanger University, Norway Uplifted Arctic Continental Margins and Climate Shift
19 Feb
 Reading Week    No seminar
26 Feb
Chris Rapley UCL, Earth Sciences Communicating Climate Science.
4 Mar
Caroline Eakin University of Southampton The Rigid Lithosphere: Production to Destruction
11 Mar
Helen Williams Cambridge University Fe and Zn isotopes in subducted serpentinites: new clues on the composition and oxidation state of slab fluids
18 March
Catherine Peters Princeton University, USA Limitations for brine acidification due to SO2 co-injection in geologic carbon.

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