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UCL Earth Sciences aims to pursue world-class research into the processes at work on and within the Earth and planets; we seek to understand the past revealed by their investigation and understood in terms of the laws of physics, chemistry and biology. We aim to do so across the discipline, spanning the dynamics of the Earth and planets, the materials that compose them and their properties, present and past processes occurring at their surfaces, the evolution of life and the environment, and the applied geosciences of pollution, natural hazards and resources.

Research Areas

We study the solid Earth, the oceans and the atmosphere, together with their interaction and effect on the surface, environment and the biosphere.

PhD Topics

We have a large community of doctoral students engaged in projects on a wide variety of topics directly linked to our research expertise

Research Groups and Affiliated Institutes

We bring together number of active researchers who engage in original, multidisciplinary projects.


We utilise UCL Discovery service as the repository of our on-line research publications..


We provide unique laboratory infrastructure to aid our research and teaching objectives.


We run seminar series with invited speakers as the forum for presenting and debating the latest research in progress.

We are part of the Institute for Earth and Planetary Sciences

The joint UCL-Birkbeck Institute for Earth and Planetary Sciences (IEPS) takes full advantage of the wider strengths of the respective Universities through engagement with inter-disciplinary research centres and institutes, including the Institute for Origins via our leadership of the Centre for Planetary Science, and the UCL Grand Challenges in Global Health and Sustainable Cities.

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