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UCL student presents racing eight boat to University of London Boat Club

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Prize Presentation

A top-of-the-range racing eight was presented to University of London Boat Club (ULBC) last week as part of the Parmigiani Spirit Award won by UCL student and captain of the ULBC James Cook.

UCL researchers set to take their research to parliament

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SET for Britain group

Sixteen researchers from around UCL have been shortlisted to present their research to a panel of expert judges and over 100 MPs in this year’s SET for Britain competition.

First thin films of spin ice reveal cold secrets

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Spin ice film

Thin films of spin ice have been shown to demonstrate surprising properties which could help in the development of applications of magnetricity, the magnetic equivalent of electricity.

World-class orchestras judged by sight not sound

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World-class orchestras can be accurately identified by silent video footage of performances, but not through sound recordings, a UCL study has found.

UCL Grand Challenges summer school for research students

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Grand Challenges

Applications are invited from UCL research students to participate in the inaugural UCL Grand Challenges Summer School, a cross-disciplinary research week 16–20 June 2014.

UCL students complete Winter Hackathon

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Hackin' the City

UCL students were among the 32 participants of this year’s Hackin' the City Winter Hackathon, organised by the UCL Financial Industry Series.

Research Images as Art/Art Images as Research: winners announced

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Muscle Fibres of the Heart

A striking image showing the spiral structure of heart muscle fibres in minute detail is the overall winner of this year’s Research Images as Art/Art Images as Research competition, run by the UCL Graduate School.

UCL student and alumni Haiti school project reaches crowdfunding stage

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Haiti school girls

Haiti’s education system was thrown into disarray after the 2010 earthquake displaced nearly a million people from their homes and turned tens of thousands of buildings into rubble.

Queen’s Anniversary Prize awarded to UCL Biochemical Engineering

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UCL Biochemical Engineering

In recognition of its “outstanding excellence” UCL Biochemical Engineering has been awarded a 2012-2014 Queen's Anniversary Prize for Higher and Further Education.

UCL top in research council income

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UCL researchers and those who support their grant applications to research councils are to be congratulated, writes Professor David Price, UCL Vice-Provost (Research).

Striking research images sought for UCL competition

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Twitter languages of London

Does your research produce images that have aesthetic and artistic appeal? If so, consider entering the annual ‘Research Images as Art / Art Images as Research’ competition and exhibition.

Dolphins inspire new radar system

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Inspired by how dolphins hunt with bubble nets, engineers at UCL, the University of Southampton and Cobham Technical Services, have developed a new kind of radar that can detect hidden surveillance equipment and explosives.

Mistakes win prizes in new competition

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Exclamation mark

A new competition asks medical professionals, people with diabetes and members of the general public to enter a competition to share their mistakes.

Classical music competitions judged by sight, not sound

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Piano player

People can reliably select the winners of classical music competitions based on silent video recordings of performances, according to new research from UCL.

Government commits to Proton Beam Therapy at UCLH

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Proton beam therapy building

Public Health Minister Anna Soubry has announced a commitment of £250 million of funding for state-of-the-art Proton Beam Therapy cancer treatment centres in London and Manchester.

Nazarbayev University's inaugural summer school in London

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group kazakh

Students from Nazarbayev University (NU), Kazakhstan, have been studying in a summer school at UCL.

After securing a place in the top 40 at NU’s School of Engineering, students were invited to spend four weeks in Bloomsbury. 

UCL-sponsored technical college welcomes students at Open Day

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Elutec, a new UCL-sponsored University Technical College aimed at students with an interest in engineering careers, is holding its first ever Open Day on 20 July.

UCL volunteers help Camden introduce programming clubs in all primary schools

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Simon Collins

From September, the London Borough of Camden will be the first local authority in England to introduce computer programming clubs in all of its 41 maintained primary schools, with help from volunteers from UCL and Google.

UCL software reveals Ulster’s forgotten history in fire-damaged book

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Great Parchment book folios

Researchers from UCL have used specially designed software to digitise the Great Parchment book, a crucial historical text documenting the City of London’s role in 17th century Ulster that was previously unreadable for over 200 years due to fire damage.

£7 million Infrastructure Business Model Centres to engineer future UK

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airport runway

Two new centres that will help shape the way the UK’s future infrastructure is planned and implemented were officially launched this week today during an event at the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) in London.

Brain training and stimulation improves mental arithmetic ability

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NIRS imaging

With just a few days of non-harmful brain stimulation and brain training, scientists have improved people’s ability to manipulate numbers for up to six months.

Mobile health technologies to rapidly test and track infectious diseases

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Early-warning sensor systems that can test and track serious infectious diseases – such as major flu epidemics, MRSA and HIV – using mobile phones and the internet are being developed by a major new Interdisciplinary Research Collaboration (IRC) led by UCL.

UCL awarded record number of ESRC studentships

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18 multidisciplinary studentships worth an estimated £1.6 million have been awarded to UCL’s Doctoral Training Centre by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC).

Google search patterns reveal early signs of stock market movements

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Stock market google graph

Patterns in Google searches for financial terms could have been used as early warning signs of stock market movements, according to a new study published in Scientific Reports.

Sounds of UCL: competition winners and panoramas

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Sounds of UCL competition icon

What sounds make up London’s global university? UCL Communications has announced the winners of its ‘Sounds of UCL’ competition, which invited staff and students to capture ambient audio clips that reflect the life of UCL.

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