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Yale UCL Collaborative: House of Commons event

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Yale-UCL House of Commons Event

Senior leaders and scientists from Yale and UCL mixed with Government Ministers, MPs and Peers at an event at the House of Commons this week, which aimed to raise awareness of the Yale-UCL Collaborative as a novel research model and example of transatlantic working.

UCL chosen as host for the GACD Secretariat

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GACD logo

The Global Alliance for Chronic Diseases (GACD) today announced that UCL will host the organisation’s secretariat, working to curb chronic diseases such as stroke, diabetes, chronic lung disease and heart disease throughout the world.

How the brain gets wired for stereo vision

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Expression of the VEGF receptor NRP1 (red) on the axons of retinal ganglion cell neurons

Nerve cells that transmit light signals from the eye into the brain use a molecule best known for its role in blood vessel growth as a ‘stepping stone’ to help them reach the opposite brain hemisphere, according to research published in Neuron.

Will rising BMIs reverse heart attack decline?

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Better control of cholesterol levels and blood pressure and a decline in smoking have contributed to a 74% drop in the risk of heart attack among nearly 10,000 civil servants working in London over a 20-year period, according to new research from the UCL-led Whitehall II study.

Heart has built-in repair mechanism

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EPDC heart cells

Researchers have for the first time succeeded in transforming a new type of stem-like cell in the adult heart, into heart muscle in mice.

UCL students blog live from Cheltenham Science Festival

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Dr Andrea Sella

A team of UCL postgraduate students are blogging live from the Cheltenham Science Festival, which runs 7–12 June, covering UCL talks on the uses of plasma, the science of cannabis and a live brain scan, among others.

UCL gains awards in a major new funding scheme

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Wellcome Trust Investigator Awards

Four UCL scientists have received major awards to research health and disease in a new Wellcome Trust scheme.

The inaugural Investigator Awards will allocate £56 million worth of funding to 27 Investigators (seven New Investigators and 20 Senior Investigators), with the awards ranging from approximately £1 million to £3 million.

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