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Monica Hulse Scholarship

A scholarship in the Department of Mathematics founded in October 2004 by a regular lifetime gift from Dr Paul Hulse, alumnus of UCL, in memory of his mother, Monica Hulse (1934-1999).

  1. A scholarship of £1,000 known as the 'The Monica Hulse Scholarship' will be awarded once a year.

  2. The Scholarship will be awarded on a discretionary basis to a deserving graduate student in the Department of Mathematics in the first year of their Masters course or PhD.

  3. The Scholarship is awarded by Council on the recommendation of a specially convened Scholarship Panel comprising the Head of Mathematics, the Graduate Tutor and another nominated representative.

  4. The Scholarship will take account of academic merit and other appropriate considerations at the discretion of the Scholarship Panel.

  5. Candidates wishing to apply for the Scholarship must send written notice of their intention to apply for the Scholarship to the Graduate Tutor in the Department of Mathematics by the May (other than in exceptional circumstances) prior to the start of the academic year. Applicants should enclose an academic CV.

  6. Applicants should not normally be in receipt of any other special funding (other than in exceptional circumstances).

  7. Candidates will be asked for evidence that they have sufficient financial support available, with the Scholarship, to be able to complete their course.

  8. Holders of the Scholarship must have successfully applied for a place in the Department of Mathematics for a higher degree.

  9. The Scholarship will be awarded on an annual basis. No individual will hold the Scholarship for more than one year