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Townsend Viking Society Prize

Established in 1976 by the Viking Society for Northern Research to mark the long association of the Society with University College London, and in particular the thirty years' tenure of the Honorary Secretaryship, jointly with Gabriel Turville-Petre, of Hugh Smith and Peter Foote, in sucession

  1. The Townsend Viking Society Prize may be awarded each session.

  2. The Prize is awarded by the Viking Society for Northern Research on the recommendation of the Council. The Council is advised by the Faculty of Arts and Humanities.

  3. The Prize is awarded to an undergraduate student in the second and final year following courses in the Department of Scandinavian Studies whose work in branches of study appropriate to the Society's interest in Northern Research shows particular merit. The qualifications of candidates are considered by the Head of the Department of Scandinavian Studies, who may, if no student in the second or final year can be recommended, allow the award to lapse for one year, or nominate a postgraduate student of the Department whose work in an appropriate field of Northern Research shows distinction.

  4. The prize takes the form of membership of the Society for a period of five years, a cheque to the value of £75, or any such sum as the Society may from time to time decide upon, together with such texts, monographs and other publications of the Society, other than the Saga-Book, as the prizewinner may wish to select from those available in print at the time of award.

  5. No application is necessary.

  6. The award is announced in June.

  7. The recommendation for the award shall be forwarded by the Registrar of the College to one of the Society's Honorary Secretaries at the Society's address within the College on or before 31 May.

  8. Awards are subject to the provisions of the General Regulations.