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Advice about meningococcal disease

Please read this important update. 

UCL Student Welfare Week – 02-05 March 2015

Stressed about exams? Worried you’re not eating right? Losing sleep over your future career? UCL Student Welfare Week 2015 aims to help address many of these issues, and more.


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Medical Women’s Federation Prize

Founded in 2007 by the Medical Women’s Federation

  1. A Prize known as the Medical Women’s Federation Prize in Child and Family Health may be awarded in each session.
  2. The Prize is awarded by the Council on the recommendation of a panel of representatives from the Year 5 CFHD module.
  3. The prize will be awarded to the student with the highest average placing and the highest aggregate score in the Child and Family Health and Women’s Health with Communicable Diseases components of the Year 5 assessments.
  4. No application is necessary.
  5. The value of the prize is £50. The award is accompanied by a certificate.
  6. The award is announced in August.
  7. Awards are subject to the provisions of the General Regulations.

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