Fee Schedule: Island Students 2014-15

New Undergraduates (students starting from 2012/13 onwards)

The Governments of Guernsey, Jersey and the Isle of Man have confirmed that students starting a programme of study in 2014/15 will pay at the same rate as UK/EU undergraduates (£9,000 for full-time study).

Island students are ineligible for SLC funding and will need to apply through their home government.

Continuing Undergraduates (students starting between 2006/07 and 2011/12)

Band Research Institution Fee for GUERNSEY Students Research Institution Fee for JERSEY Students Research Institution Fee for ISLE OF MAN Students
D £6,795 £6,795 £6,795
C £8,521 £8,521 £8,521
B £10,823 £10,823 £10,823
A £24,065 £24,065 £24,065

C Art, Design and Performing Arts
C Built Environment
A Clinical Medicine
C Computing and Information Science
B Engineering and Technology
C Other Health and Welfare
D Humanities, Languages and Mass Communication
C Mathematics, Statistics and Operational Research
B Pre-Clinical Medicine
B Science
D Social Sciences

Postgraduates (New and Continuing)

Postgraduate Island students pay at the Overseas rate.

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