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On-Line Re-Enrolment FAQ

(This facility is available during August, prior to the start of session each year.)

Information about your examination results, your re-enrolment and fee-payment and your module registration for the next academic session will be sent to your UCL email account so please check your UCL email messages regularly throughout the year. Please also remember that your UCL ID and password will expire every four months so it is essential that you keep your password up-to-date. You may also find it helpful to register for the IS user authentication service. For more information about this and your password please see www.ucl.ac.uk/is/password

Q. How long will it take to complete on-line re-enrolment?

A. It shouldn't take longer than 15-20 minutes to go through the whole process, and in some cases it will not take more than 5 minutes. If you are paying your fees yourself, you may have to log back in after a few days to make sure your payment has been received. The process is as follows: -

  1. Check/update your contact details
  2. Check your course details and the fee due for your programme. 
  3. Confirm you are happy with the details in (b), and agree to UCL's normal terms and conditions of re-enrolment 
  4. Check that we are holding the correct sponsorship details for the payment of your fees (if applicable) 
  5. If you have any fees to pay yourself then: - pay your fees online credit/debit card (1 or 2 instalments) - or pay offline by cheque etc. Further payment methods can be seen at www.ucl.ac.uk/current-students/money/fees-payment/invoices
Q. When do I have to logon and enrol?
A. Once you have been notified that online-re-enrolment is open, you should logon as soon as possible. You must re-enrol by 30 OCTOBER 2016.  If you have not re-enrolled and ensured a registered status by that date, your records will be closed and you will no longer be considered a UCL student.
Q. How can I obtain my username and password?

A. Your UCL UserID and Password are used for accessing UCL-restricted web pages and the Desktop@UCL. 

If you have any queries about logging on using your UCL userid and password including expired passwords, please contact the ISD Service Desk.

Q. I have no access to the internet how can I re-enrol?
A. If you are unable to access the internet from a library or an internet café then you can use UCL's computing facilities in a cluster room when you return for the start of term; however you must re-enrol at the earliest possible opportunity.
Q. I have a disability which makes it difficult for me to use a computer, how can I re-enrol?
A. Please contact the Student Disability Services who will be able to offer further advice: - Telephone +44 (0) 20 7679 0100 Fax: +44 (0) 7916 8530 Email:disability@ucl.ac.uk
Q. I have received an error message when I try to complete on-line re-enrolment.  What should I do?

A. Please see our list of recommended web browers; you need to ensure you use one of these browsers to access Portico.

  • Internet Explorer: v6, 7, 8, 9+
  • Firefox v3, 4+
  • Safari v5+
  • Chrome v10+
Q. I am a modular/flexible student; do I still need to re-enrol?

A. Yes you should re-enrol through Portico when advised to do so, even if you do not intend to undertake any modules in the 2016 academic session. However please note that the fee details for 2016 which you will see will not be correct until your module selections have been made and approved by your home department. Once your module selections for 2016 have been entered your fee will be calculated and you will be able to view this, and pay through Portico.

On completion of the re-enrolment process you will be able to select your modules for the 2016 academic session. If you need help with or advice on this process, you should contact your parent department in the first instance. The deadline for completing the module selection process is 14 OCTOBER 2016.

Q. I am a research student and am ready to take up completing research student (CRS) status. How do I do this?
A. Your department will need to notify the Assesment and Student Records office. You will find information about CRS status at the 5th tab on the Changes to your Registration webpage
Q. I am registered as a completing research student (CRS) and therefore pay no fees. What do I need to do?
A. You do not need to re-enrol if your CRS starts on 26 September 2016 but you should still log in to Portico and check that your home, term and contact address details are up to date. If your CRS status starts after 26 September 2016 you must re-enrol and pay fees up to the start date of your CRS status.
Q. Do I have to pay to become enrolled?

A. With the exception of Institute of Education (IoE) students (who may have alternative arrangements) you must pay at least 50% of your own fee liability during re-enrolment or, at the latest, by 31st October.  Students choosing not to pay during re-enrolment will be enrolled on a Time Limited basis. Full details can be found at  http://www.ucl.ac.uk/current-students/money

If you do need to provide us with evidence of sponsorship, please email details to fees.sponsor@ucl.ac.uk Students in receipt of a Student Finance England (SFE) tuition fee loan or an internal UCL Studentship are NOT required to provide us with evidence of their funding.

Students failing to pay and/or provide sponsorship evidence by 31 OCTOBER 2016 may face academic sanctions.

Q. How much do I have to pay?
A. Your fee for this year is quoted on your Portico account. If, for any of the reasons above, you are unable to login and see your fee account, fee schedules quoting fees for all courses can be found on the website www.ucl.ac.uk/current-students/money
Q. I am fully sponsored do I still need to logon and re-enrol?
A. Yes, every returning student has to log on and re-enrol.
Q. I am paying my own fees - how can I pay?
A. Please see the following link for full details on how and when to pay your fees.  http://www.ucl.ac.uk/current-students/money
Q. Can someone else pay my fees on my behalf?
A. Yes, they can do so online at payonline.ucl.ac.uk/ and they will need your student number to do this. The number is on the front of your UCL ID card.
Q. I have applied to my Local Authority/Student Loans Company for an award/loan for my fees but haven't heard anything; shall I still try and enrol?

A. Yes, you will still need to complete the enrolment process.  You will be given time limited enrolment to allow time (until 31 October) for us to receive an electronic confirmation, from SFE, of your fee loan.  Your Portico account will then be updated automatically with a sponsorship record for the amount of your loan.  There is no need for you to provide the Student Fees Office with written evidence of your fee loan/award. 

If you have any fees to pay yourself, you must pay 50% (of your own liability) by 31 October.  If you have any other external sponsorship (private organisation, employer, government embassy etc) please supply Student Fees with written evidence of your award before or during the enrolment process.  Please see http://www.ucl.ac.uk/current-students/money/fees-support/faqs for further information.

Q. Do I have to be fully enrolled to receive my student funding? (e.g. student loan, grant, stipend or bursary) 
A. Yes, payments will not be released until you are fully enrolled. This includes funding administered by the SLC and other funding bodies who require confirmation of your enrolment.
Q. Where can I find further student financial advice?
A. For advice on student funding and UCL specific financial support (including the UCL Bursary Scheme) please contact the Student Funding Office – email: studentfunding@ucl.ac.uk Tel: +44 (0)20 7679 0004. Information is also provided on this site www.ucl.ac.uk/current-students/money
Q. How do I obtain a confirmation of my registration status at UCL?
A. Once you have completed on-line re-enrolment you will be able to print a 'Statement of Student Status' from your Portico homepage.
Q. What about my ID card?

A. If you already hold a valid UCL ID card you need do nothing. If you have lost your card details of how to get a new one are available on the Security Systems website.

You will be able to print off a statement to show you have successfully completed your enrolment directly from the Portico website. You can also print off a copy of your invoice and any receipts relating to your fee payments for your own records.

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