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Archive of News

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18 December 2013: UCL and Elsevier launch the UCL Big Data Institute

UCL and Elsevier, a world-leading provider of scientific, technical and medical information products and services, today announced they will establish the UCL Big Data Institute. More...

17 December 2013: Uni-cycle: making cycling to UCL safer

Cycling to campus has become an increasingly popular option for students and staff in recent years. It can be cheaper and greener, whilst also acting as a great form of exercise on your commute. But the recent spate of cycling deaths has raised a debate about safety. So what can be done to support cycling into UCL? More...

17 December 2013: The Bartlett School of Architecture announces new director

The Bartlett School of Architecture at UCL is delighted to announce the appointment of Professor Bob Sheil as new Director of the School, effective from January 2014.  More...

17 December 2013: UCL students complete Winter Hackathon

UCL students were among the 32 participants of this year’s Hackin' the City Winter Hackathon, organised by the UCL Financial Industry Series. More...

17 December 2013: ESA’s Billion Star Surveyor: UCL’s contribution

On Thursday 19 December at 09:12 GMT, a satellite designed to unlock the secrets of the birth and evolution of the Milky Way Galaxy will be launched by the European Space Agency. More...

17 December 2013: Novel Genetic mutations discovered that cause neuro-muscular disease in children

Mutations in a gene causing mixed neurological and muscular disease in children have been found for the first time. More...

13 December 2013: Research Images as Art/Art Images as Research: winners announced

A striking image showing the spiral structure of heart muscle fibres in minute detail is the overall winner of this year’s Research Images as Art/Art Images as Research competition, run by the UCL Graduate School. More...

13 December 2013: International study finds language can affect children’s mathematical development

A unique international study has found that the grammatical structures of language can influence children's early understanding of numbers. More...

13 December 2013: Astronomers discover first noble gas molecules in space

Noble gas molecules have been detected in space for the first time in the Crab Nebula, a supernova remnant, by astronomers at UCL. More...

12 December 2013: Policy on gender segregation

UCL welcomes the announcement by Universities UK that it is withdrawing the case study on gender segregation published in its recent guidance "External Speakers in Higher Education Institutions", pending clarification of the legal position with regard to events on university campuses.  More...

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