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The Constitution Unit's work on Parliament is led by Professor Meg Russell




House of Lords

House of Lords

Ongoing research on the strength, legitimacy, influence and membership of the House of Lords, including a record of all defeats in the Lords from 2005 to present. View the House of Lords Project Page or view our records of all government defeats in the House of Lords.

House of Commons

The Impact of the British Parliament on Legislation

A major research project on the legislative process which considers the impact of parliament on legislation before and after coalition government.


Financial Privilege

Research into the House of Commons' use of financial privilege against amendments passed to legislation in the Lords.

Legislative Committees at Westminster: The case for reform

Meg Russell's comparative project on the role and operation of Legislative Committees.

The Impact House of Commons Select Committees

A collaboration between Constitution Unit and Select Committee staff which combines interviews with data collection and analysis of the impact of committee inquiries and recommendations. Our final report, released in 2011, concluded that Select Committees influence government by, among other things, 'generating fear'. Launch details and download

Recent Publications

Enough is Enough: Regulating Prime Ministerial Appointments to the Lords

Enough is Enough: Regulating Prime Ministerial Appointments to the Lords

Meg Russell & Tom Semlyen

Archive of earlier work on Parliament

A list of all our parliament research projects is here