About the School

BEAMS is one of four Schools at UCL, and comprises the Faculties of the Built Environment, Engineering Sciences, and Mathematical and Physical Sciences. Schools operate strategically to enhance the opportunities and resources available to their Faculties’ staff and students, and to promote interdisciplinary research across and within the Schools.

BEAMS is fortunate to comprise three Faculties undertaking research and design at the cutting edge of their disciplines across subjects as diverse as physics, management science and development planning, and in areas with direct practical applications to everyday life such as drug design, new energy sources, sustainable heritage, the environment, and criminal science. We are dedicated to sharing our knowledge through our teaching at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, as well as providing continuing professional development to the world’s skilled workforce.

Further information about the Faculties and their constituent departments may be obtained via the links below:

Faculty of the Built Environment

Faculty of Engineering Sciences

Faculty of Mathematical and Physical Sciences

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