GEOL2014 Global geophysics

Course organiser: Lidunka Vočadlo
Demonstrator: Amy Edgington
The aim of the course is to introduce the concepts, methods and results of solid Earth geophysics. The course examines the theory, application and limitations of geophysical methods and reviews their contribution to our knowledge of the surface and interior of the Earth.
(i) GEOL1004 Dynamic Earth;
(ii) 'A' level maths or equivalent.
(i) One 2hr 30min examination paper (80% of the final marks)
(ii) seven course assignments (10%) and an online test (10%)

Course Content

1. Plate tectonics and Euler poles
2. Gravity, the shape of the Earth, isostasy and moment of inertia
3. Elasticity and equations of state
4. Seismic waves
5. Earthquakes
6. Thermodynamics
7. The deep Earth
8. Thermal evolution
9. Magnetism
10. End of module test based on coursework and past exam papers


1.    Euler poles

2.    Gravity1 and Gravity2

3.    Elasticity and equations of state

4.    Seismic waves

5.    Reading Week

6.    Thermodynamics

7.    Deep Earth

8.    Thermal evolution


The pass mark is 40%.

Coursework should be handed in to LV at the Monday lecture following the Friday practical. There will be a penalty for coursework that is handed in late in accordance with Departmental policy.

Please put your name on the front of the assignment and securely attach multiple pages.



Lowrie: Fundamentals of Geophysics

Fowler: The Solid Earth

Mussett and Kahn: Looking into the Earth

Brown and Mussett: The Inaccessible Earth

Stein: Introduction to Seismology, Earthquakes and Earth Structure

Poirier: Introduction to the Physics of the Earth's Interior