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Know sign language? We need your help!

3 December 2021

If you’re a deaf or hard of hearing student available for 30 minutes on the 9 December to sign the word ‘Welcome’ on video, we’d love to hear from you.

Two students with masks taking a selfie.

Last year, we launched a new online resource for students called the Introductory Programme, which helps new students get to know UCL - its values, its community and its achievements.

This year, we are making some updates and would like to improve the welcome video on the landing page of the resource. The video features a host of students saying 'Welcome' in their own language. We would really like to include a student saying 'Welcome' in British Sign Language to extend this message to our deaf and hard of hearding students. 

Filming will take place on 9 December for approximately 30 minutes.

If you are available to sign the word ‘Welcome’ and want to feature in the video as a friendly face for incoming students, please contact Louise Pollock by 12pm Wednesday 8 December.