EGA Institute for Women's Health


Research students

Research students

Supervised by Prof Usha Menon


NameProject title
Matthew IzettMD(Res), UCL. Laparoscopic management of apical prolapse
Lindsay FraserPhD, UCL. Exploring risk management in women at risk of developing ovarian cancer
Darren ThomasPhD, UCL. Identifying risk factors and biomarkers for colorectal cancer 
Dr Paul TremblingPhD, UCL. Quantifying and stratifying chronic liver disease and the use of diagnostic tests to improve early detection


NameDegree & Project title
Dr Will StottPhD, Nov 2016, UCL. Use of Software Tools to Implement Quality Control of Ultrasound Images in a Large Clinical Trial
Dr Rema IyerMD(res) Apr 2016, UCL. Surgical Outcomes in Gyanecological Oncology
Dr Stephanie SmitsPhD, Sep 2014, Cardiff University. Development of an ovarian cancer symptom awareness tool with tailored content for women at increased genetic risk of developing ovarian cancer
Dr Emma LowPhD, Sep 2013, UCL. Gynaecological cancer symptoms: influences on women’s awareness and medical help-seeking
Dr Aatri SharmaPhD, Sep 2013, UCL. Refining Ultrasound Screening in Ovarian Cancer
Dr Ranjit ManchandaPhD, Aug 2013, UCL. A Population Based Approach to Genetic Testing for Cancer Risk Prediction and Management
Dr Evangelia-Ourania FourkalaPhD, Dec 2010, UCL. Risk Factors and Novel Biomarkers in Breast Cancer
Dr Penny AllenPhD, Feb 2010, UCL. Prospective Study of Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer & Postmenopausal Women
Dr Anita LimPhD, Jun 2009, QMUL. Investigating the Potential for Expediting Diagnosis of Ovarian Cancer via Prompt Symptom Recognition & 'Targeted Screening'