EGA Institute for Women's Health


Events for International Women's Day 2019

Once again, the EGA Institute for Women's Health is marking International Women's Day with a series of special events


7th February: Lunch Hour Lecture: Caesarean section: Too few or Too many? - Professor Eric Jauniaux


Eric Jauniaux, EGA Institute for Women's Health, UCL
Caesarean section, the most commonly performed major surgical operation worldwide, has saved countless women’s lives.  But has it become too common?  Professor Eric Jauniaux discusses access to safe maternity care and the long-term health impacts of high Caesarean section rates. Location: Darwin Lecture Theatre




4th – 8th March: Exhibition:  My Body My Life


My body My life exhibition
A unique exhibition that seeks to address the stigma that still endures around abortion by bringing real stories of abortion into the open. Opens 12-6pm every day except Fri when it closes at 4pm. Location: North Cloisters (Outside the Housman Room)





4th March:  Film screening: Child of Mine and drinks reception


Film screening Child of Mine, UCL
Filmed over 2 years at UCLH and the Rosie Hospital, Child of Mine sensitively follows three couples through their personal journeys of losing a child before birth.  The UK has one of the highest rates of stillbirth in the developed world, yet these hidden bereavements are rarely talked about, often leaving parents isolated and alone.  Ultimately a positive film about life after loss, Child of Mine brings this tragic topic into the open by shining a light on the hidden crisis of stillbirth in the UK. Location: Kennedy Lecture Theatre, ICH, 30 Guilford Street, London WC1N 1EH



5th March:  Lunch Hour Discussion: The future of female fertility – who, what and why – Professor Joyce Harper 

(Panel members:  Joyce Harper, Zeynep Gurtin, Emily Jackson and Paul Hardiman)

The future of femal fertility, IfWH
Globally, the age of motherhood is on the increase but women's fertility declines with age. How can women balance their social desires, regarding when to have a child, with the biological constraints of fertility? Is egg freezing or ovarian tissue freezing the answer, or do we need to think more radically? Location: Bentham House SB31 Denys Holland Lecture Theatre