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December 2012

Announcement of Volterra II Colloquium V, a joint conference to be held with the Festus Lexicon Project, on 20-22 June 2013 at UCL, entitled Law, Lexica, and Libraries: Italy and Francia between the sixth and eleventh centuries.

November 2012

Michael Crawford (on the Prices Edict) and Simon Corcoran (on laesio enormis) both give papers at the Ancient Law in Context workshop 2: "Law and Economy", University of Edinburgh.

Michael Crawford gives a reprise of his paper "From Justinian to Bologna" at the London Roman Law Group, Dept. of Laws, UCL.

October 2012


Publication of Société, économie, administration dans le Code Théodosien, the third volume of papers from the French Theodosian Code "Journées d'Étude" to appear, containing papers by Simon Corcoran and Benet Salway.

Simon Corcoran and Benet Salway publish their preliminary assessment of the Fragmenta Londiniensia Anteiustiniana together with some provisional sample text in Roman Legal Tradition 8.

September 2012

The fourth Volterra II colloquium comprising two panels incorporated into the 66th SIHDA conference was held at St. Catherine's College, Oxford. These include papers by Simon Corcoran on the Summa Perusina and Benet Salway on the Gregorian Code.

Michael Crawford gives a paper entitled "From Justinian to Bologna" at the conference In Memory of Alan Rodger, University of Glasgow.

Benet Salway gives a paper on the legislation of the sons of Constantine as part of the series of panels "In the Shadows of Constantine and Julian: The Roman Empire, AD337-363" at the 7th Celtic Conference in Classics, held at Université Bordeaux III.

July 2012

Simon Corcoran gives a paper entitled "Hincmar and the use and abuse of Roman legal sources", as part of the series of panels "Hincmar's 9th century" at the International Medieval Congress, University of Leeds.

Simon Corcoran gives a presentation on the Constitutio and legal practice as part of the round-table discussion at the colloquium The Constitutio Antoniniana, 212-2012, All Souls College, Oxford.

June 2012

Simon Corcoran gives a paper entitled "Sense and Nonsense: slave law in the Summa Perusina" at the "Slavery and Law" workshop, being the first meeting of the interdisciplinary research network, Ancient Law in Context, University of Edinburgh.

May 2012

Simon Corcoran gives a paper entitled "Roman Law for Dummies: the Summa Perusina and legal learning in early mediaeval Italy", in the CLANS series at CRASSH, University of Cambridge.

March 2012

A formal launch event for the database of the Early English Laws project is held in the Senate House, with a key-note address by Michael Wood. An initial, but substantial, selection of texts is now available, with more to be added in due course. The intention is to provide edited texts, translations, commentary and manuscript images for all legal material from Aethelbert to Magna Carta (600-1215).

A formal launch event is held in the Senate House, London, to celebrate the publication of Michael Crawford's definitive collection of Italic inscriptions in the three volumes of Imagines Italicae (Bulletin of the Institute of Classical Studies supplement 110, London, 2011).

February 2012

The Volterra Lecture: the first Volterra lecture, entitled "The recovery and use of Justinian's Code in eleventh-century Italy", is given by Professor Charles Radding (Michigan State University) on 29th February 2012 in the Chancellor's Hall, Senate House, London.

Simon Corcoran gives a paper, entitled "The joys and frustrations of incomplete jigsaw puzzles: recent work on Roman legal manuscripts", at the Ancient History Research Seminar, Cardiff University.

January 2012

Publication of the 2008 Byzantine Colloquium, edited by Alice Rio as Law, Custom, and Justice in Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages (Centre for Hellenic Studies; London, 2011) and containing the following papers:

  • Caroline Humfress, Law and custom under Rome
  • Peter Sarris, Law and custom in the Byzantine countryside from Justinian I to Basil II (c. 500-1000)
  • Rosemary Morris, Communal legal activity in the Athos region in the tenth century
  • Simon Corcoran, Observations on the Sasanian Law-Book in the light of Roman legal writing
  • Peter Heather, Law and society in the Burgundian kingdom
  • Matthew Innes, Charlemagne, justice and written law

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