Projet Volterra


Volterra II Colloquium IV

The Projet Volterra panels held at the 66th Meeting of the Conference of the Société Internationale 'Fernand de Visscher' pour l'Histoire des Droits de l'Antiquité (SIHDA)
Thursday 20 September 2012
Bernard Sunley Building, St. Catherine's College, Oxford

Session 1
9.00: Benet Salway (UCL): Ad similitudinem Gregoriani codicis: The Impact of the Gregorian Code Reconsidered
9.30: Soazick Kerneis (Nanterre): Jugement des hommes, jugement de Dieu. Variations autour de la vérité judiciaire (Ve-VIIe siècles)
10.00: Detlef Liebs (Freiburg): The Lex Romana under the Visigoths, Burgundians and Franks
10.30: coffee break

Session 2
11.00: Bernard Stolte (Groningen): How the Reception Did Not Occur. On a Recent Heretical Hypothesis About the Beginning of the Codex Justinianus
11.30: Simon Corcoran (UCL): Sense and Nonsense in the Summa Perusina
12.00: Thomas Watkin (Bangor/Cardiff): Roman Law and Medieval Law in Wales
12.30: Mariko Igimi-Yasutake (Kyushu): Funny Laws. The Legal Knowledge of the Audience of the Plautine Comedies

Note: Paul du Plessis (Edinburgh) was due to speak on "The Reception of Roman Law in Roman Britain", but had to withdraw at short notice, his place being taken by Prof. Igimi-Yasutake.