20th June 2021


Optional Modules

In addition to three core modules, optional modules totaling 75 units are taken. The starred *modules listed below are designed particularly for the Urban Studies MSc.

>>Please note that these modules are subject to staff availability and space capacity<<

See the UCL Module Catalogue for further information about these including assessment details.

TERM 1 (Core modules: Urban Imaginations and Cities, Space and Power)
Optional modules include:

  • *Social Science Research Methodologies - compulsory for students without social science training

  • *London: Aspects of Change - not running 2020/21

  • *Art in the Public Sphere 

  • *Cities in Eastern Europe

  • Comparative Planning Systems and Cultures

  • Data, Politics and Society
  • Engineering and International Development
  • Infrastructures as Agents of Change 

  • Pillars of Planning A
  • Planning Discourses for Urban Development in Historic Cities and Neighbourhoods
  • Planning Practices in Europe 

  • Spatial Planning: Concepts and Contexts 

  • The City and its Relations: Context, Institutions and Actors in Urban Development Planning  30 units, two term commitment
  • Sustainable Infrastructure and Services in Development
  • Transforming Local Areas: Urban Design for Development  (30 units, two term commitment)
  • Urban Regeneration: Urban Problems and Problematics 

  • Urban Systems Theory

TERM 2 (Core module: Urban Practices)
Optional modules include:

  • Adapting Cities to Climate Change in the South
  • Advanced Geopolitics
  • Anthropology of the Built Environment
  • Anthropology and Photography
  • Case Studies in Preparing Regeneration Projects Must take BPLN0065 in T1
  • *Cities and Climate Change
  • Civic Design
  • Critical Introduction to Sexuality Studies
  • Critical Urbanism Studio II - Investigative Design Strategies for Contested Spaces
  • *Creative Cities
  • Food and the City
  • *Geographies of Material Culture - not running 2020/21

  • Health and Wellbeing in Cities: Theory and Practice
  • *Histories of Global London, 1900 to the Present
  • *The Latin American City: Social Problems and Social Change in Urban Space
  • Materialist Ecological Architecture
  • Migratory Activisms, Creative Citizenships
  • Pillars of Planning B
  • Planning Practice
  • Planning Practices for Urban Development in Historic Cities and Neighbourhoods need to do BPLN0067
  • *Postcolonial Cultural Geographies
  • Practical Documentary Film Making - extra fee
  • *Public and Private Modernities . Also available as a 30 unit module 

  • *Public Space and the City  - not running 2020/21
  • Representation of Cities (30 units, equivalent of 2 modules)
  • Smart Cities: Context, Policy and Government
  • *Social Science Research Methodologies II
  • Social Theory and the Study of Contemporary Social Problems
  • Sustainable Infrastructures and Public Policy
  • Transforming Local Areas (need to take in term 1 as well)
  • *Urban Innovation and Policy
  • Urban Planning in China
  • Urbanisation and Development

Hackney rooftop social event July 2015

Hackney rooftop social event July 2015

Urban Practices presentation at CitiesMethodologies, May 2014

Urban Practices presentation at CitiesMethodologies, May 2014

Toronto Zombie Walk (Photo: Susan Read)

Toronto Zombie Walk (Photo: Susan Read)