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Ben Campkin wins Jane Jacobs Book Award

Ben Campkin wins Jane Jacobs Book Award

22 November 2015

Dr Ben Campkin, Director of UCL Urban Laboratory, has received the 2015 Jane Jacobs Urban Communication Foundation Book Award for his book Remaking London: Decline and Regeneration in Urban Culture.

Watching Jeremy, Watching Me, Watching Jeremy

27 October 2015

“What are you looking at?” - Rodrigo Firmino interacting with the Jeremy Bentham Panopticam

In his will, Jeremy Bentham, UCL's "spiritual founder", requested that after his death, his body be displayed in public, in what he called an “Auto-Icon”. His preserved skeleton continues to gaze upon ...

UCL Grand Challenges 2034 Grants

27 October 2015

UCL Grand Challenges 2034 Grants

UCL Grand Challenges have opened up an application process for funding of cross-disciplinary, collaborative, and outwardly-facing activities, costing between £2k and £10k, which ‘address global challenges’ while also supporting the development of at ...

UCL East cross-disciplinary student research group: call for participants

21 October 2015

Aerial view of UCL East site: boundary highlighted in red

Professor Michael Stewart is leading a team looking for UCL students in all fields to produce dissertations (at undergraduate and taught postgraduate level) linked to UCL’s new campus and how it will ...

AAG 2016 Call for Papers - The Architecture of Capital: Rethinking the Geographies of Design in a Planetary Moment

07 October 2015

Shenzhen CBD

Following the emergence of a renewed debate about the relationship of architecture to processes of capitalist urbanisation, a series of opposing conceptions of architectural or design methods have been espoused as either a ...

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Taking Up Gay Spaces

Taking Up Gay Spaces

28 November 2015

With the recent closure of some of London's most treasured gay bars, and the exciting opening of new ones, now seems like a pertinent time to take stock of our want and ...

Change by Design report launch: Euston's contested sites

30 November 2015

Change by Design report launch and debate: collective sites in Euston

London is undergoing a rapid transformation. Where is the space for communities in these visions?

Writing Comparisons workshop

02 December 2015

Writing Comparisons Workshop

This workshop seeks to discuss and share how we can put recent developments in comparative urban research into practice.
Intended for PhD students and researchers working with and interested in comparative urban research ...

Rodrigo Firmino – Situating Architecture Lecture Series

07 December 2015

Splintering Surveillance as a New Territorial Layer

Besides the hype and enthusiasm surrounding the possibilities of an increasing capacity for central control of the urban environment justified by the dream of smart urbanism, the city is also made up of ...

Good City Life

09 December 2015

Good City Life

Dr Daniele Quercia from Bell Labs will present a lecture organised by the UCL Department of Computer Science.

Invisible Surplus Space: Art in Urban Settings

09 December 2015


In Wasted Lives: Modernity and Its Outcasts, the sociologist Zygmunt Bauman argues that the waste management and security industries are modern inventions inevitably created in the process of making a modern city, yet ...

Differentiated Mobilities in Contested Cities: Towards Comparative Approaches

02 February 2016

Urban Salon

In this Urban Salon workshop, we aim to explore urban contestation in various cities through the lens of mobility, and to work towards creating comparative frameworks to study mobilities in contested cities.

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