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ASF-UK publish Cape Town regeneration through participatory design report with Urban Lab and DPU

ASF-UK publish Cape Town regeneration through participatory design report with Urban Lab and DPU

03 October 2016

Architecture Sans Frontières-UK have pubished a new report based on the findings of a 2015 workshop in South Africa - Change by Design: Reimagining Regeneration through Participatory Design. The report outlines the findings ...

Laura Marshall writes about Peckham Festival LGBTQI nightlife workshop for the UCL Events blog

15 September 2016

CAMP-er-VAN panel

Urban Laboratory Research Assistant Laura Marshall has written an article for the UCL Events blog about the workshop she co-organised at the Peckham Festival on 10 September as part of our ongoing research ...

Rodrigo Firmino writes on his experience as an Urban Lab visiting researcher on Medium

13 September 2016

Rodrigo Firmino trying out a virtual reality headset at the Bartlett

UCL Urban Laboratory have launched a new blogging platform on Medium with an article by Dr Rodrigo Firmino on his research sabattical in London.

Urban Lab partners with Resolve for the London Design Festival 2016

09 September 2016

Rebel Space Pavillion at the Brixton Design Trail

UCL Urban Laboratory is pleased to announce a partnership with Resolve - a student-led interdisciplinary collective - during the London Design Festival 2016.

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Turning Tables: Reporting from the Education Front

Turning Tables: Reporting from the Education Front

28 May - 27 November 2016

Education guides architects and urbanists towards taking up a responsible position in time and space. Through education, it is possible to question, evaluate, relocate and re-identify this position.

In Defense of Housing

25 October 2016

In Defense of Housing

Urban Salon hosts this seminar featuring David Madden (LSE), Peter Marcuse (Columbia University), Melissa Fernandez Arrigoitia (Lancaster University), Suzanne Hall (LSE), Dr Paul Watt (Birkbeck) and Hyun Bang Shin (LSE).

Michal Murawski - Situating Architecture Lecture Series

31 October 2016


What room is there for grand monuments, ancient ruins and triumphal arches in the architectural 21st century? And what does the current explosion of global fascination with the ruins of ancient Palmyra – following ...

Street Art World

07 November 2016

Street Art World

UCL Urban Laboratory and Reaktion Books are hosting the launch event for Street Art World, the new book by Alison Young (University of Melbourne and author of Street Art, Public City). Professor Young ...

Cities in the BRICS: What are we comparing?

11 November 2016

Urban Salon

The term BRIC was used initially in an analytical sense to refer to a grouping of countries beyond the West with the potential to reconfigure the geography of the global economy. After 2009 ...

Timescapes of Urban Change

29 November 2016

Timescapes of Urban Change

Time and space lie at the centre of discussions on urban redevelopment projects. The making of urban space is in many ways a materialisation of the passing of time socially, financially, and politically ...

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