20th June 2021


Core Modules

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1. Cities, Space and Power

Convenor: Dr Pushpa Arabindoo

This course explores a series of themes on the exercise of power in the conception, design, use and governance of urban space. It focuses on the multiple ways, across the global North and South, in which power operates through discursive and non-discursive everyday practices, as well as formal state apparatuses and informal social networks. It explores issues including urban citizenship, the right to the city, urban social movements, fortress cities and the privatisation of public spaces, sexuality and the city, multi-culturalism and the politics of identity.

2. Urban Imaginations

Convenor: Dr Andrew Harris

This course provides an introduction to the different ways urban space is perceived, represented and experienced across a variety of contexts from architecture, engineering and digital technology to developments in literature, cinema, music and the visual arts. The course's multi-disciplinary scope and imaginative emphasis is used to encourage and develop reflection on the potential problems and critical possibilities for interdisciplinary learning and engagement in urban studies.

An insight into the range of topics and teaching covered in these two core modules can be found in Urban Constellations (2011)


3. Urban Practices

Convenor: Dr Andrew Harris/Dr Pushpa Arabindoo

This module explores and experiments with multiple ways in which urban issues, problems and experiences are identified and addressed in practice. A series of invited speakers lead seminars outlining and reflecting on the practices they adopt. Seminars cover a range of fields including planning, cultural and artistic interventions, architecture, law, journalism, environmental management and urban activism. A series of case studies or examples are presented during these seminars to highlight working interfaces and potential disjunctures between theory and practice.

Examples of some recent teaching activities

CitiesMethodologies Exhibition 2010. Photograph Daniel Lobo (student 2009-2010)

CitiesMethodologies Exhibition 2010. Photograph Daniel Lobo (student 2009-2010)

Brunswick tour 2012. Photo: Andrew Harris

Brunswick tour 2012. Photo: Andrew Harris

Typography Bus Tour. Photo: Caroline Bressey

Typography Bus Tour. Photo: Caroline Bressey