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'At the frontiers of the urban' conference: compendium of papers

Compendium of papers presented at the UCL Urban Laboratory conference, "At the frontiers of the urban: thinking concepts and practices globally".

At the frontiers of the urban, compendium of papers

10 September 2021

This major international conference, hosted and organised by UCL Urban Laboratory in November 2019, explored the emerging themes and critical methodologies at the frontiers of urban theory and practice. In June 2019, the Urban Laboratory issued an Open Call for papers, and received an impressive 174 submissions. The Urban Laboratory Steering Committee then carefully selected 60 papers for presentation, allocated across multiple parallel sessions.

With over 100 academics and practitioners taking part, the papers included here reflect the breadth of engagement within urban studies and related disciplines, through work spanning different regional contexts, analytical and disciplinary approaches.

Includes papers from across our 12 sub-groups:

  • Dis/locating Urban Theory
  • Black and African Urbanisms
  • Extended Urbanisation: from the outside-in
  • Insecurities and urban violence
  • Transcalar Analysis
  • Land and Legality
  • Shaping the Future City
  • Sharing Public Space
  • Collaboration and Participation
  • Infrastructure
  • Alternative Futures