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Justinien Tribillon

Justinien Tribillon is an independent writer, researcher and editor. An urbanist, he's interested in understanding cities, their social fabric, the way they are governed and designed.

He is an editor and publisher of Migrant Journal, a six-issue publication which explores the topic with a resolutely interdisciplinary, prejudice-free approach, bringing together artists, philosophers, illustrators, curators, journalists, architects, academics, photographers. He regularly contributes feature articles to The Guardian, and also works with architectural practices and local authorities as a consultant on urban regeneration, local economic development and public engagement.

He teaches urban studies to graduate and postgraduate students at the Bartlett, where he is a PhD candidate in the School of Planning. Before joining UCL, Justinien trained in social science, urban design and urban policy at Sciences Po and the LSE. 

Producing the Banlieue: rethinking Paris's infrastructural landscape and metropolitan identity via its ring road

Supervisors: Dr Claire Colomb (first), Dr Ben Campkin (second)

Right on the edge of Paris proper, an infrastructure embodies the divide between Paris and 'its' Banlieue. The Boulevard périphérique, achieved in 1973 has come to symbolise the frontier between the "Grande Cité" and its "adornment" in the words of Baron Haussmann. While the vision of the périphérique as a frontier is now such as commonplace it has become a cliché, both in academic and non-academic discourse, there seems to be a gap in research on why the périphérique still remains the symbol of the divide Paris/Banlieue and how this frontier has made possible the 'production' of the Banlieue.

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