UCL Urban Laboratory


Claire Malaika Tunnacliffe

Bartlett School of Architecture

Queer Practices of Placemaking: How LGBTQI+ activists make place

Queer practices of placemaking: Exploring how queer urban activists make place is a participatory doctoral project exploring how interventions into public spaces by queer-identifying urban activists may contribute to personal, public and academic discussions on placemaking in London. While London has historically received attention, academic and otherwise, on debates concerning LGBTQI+ lives, the study of sexuality and gender diversity within the field of planning has remained sparse (Doan, 2015). This research attempts to respond to this gap, by appropriating the term placemaking and 'queering it' to explore what it reveals about LGBTQI+ visibility, heritage & belonging. The project critically engages with elements of placemaking, urban planning, feminist and queer studies, whilst centring ethical reflections on the politics of knowledge production.

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