UCL Urban Laboratory


B. J. Nilsen

B.J. Nilsen was Artist in Residence at UCL Urban Laboratory during 2012, working with Prof Matthew Gandy

The residency - titled Listening to the City - involved BJ working with students and staff across difference centres and departments linked to the Urban Laboratory to raise 'sound awareness'. This included seminars, workshops and lectures exploring using sound as a research methodology through field recordings, sound diaries, sound installations and sonic interventions.

Benny has released more than 15 albums and presented live on stage and in galleries worldwide. He has worked internationally as composer and sound designer for documentary film, television and theatre and his artistic work primarily focuses on the sound of nature and its effect on humans and on the perception of time and space as experienced through sound. At the UCL Urban Lab BJ further developed his innovative on sonic environments by focusing specifically on urban landscapes.

Relating to this project, BJ has collaborated with Matthew Gandy on The Acoustic City (2014).

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