UCL Urban Laboratory


Call for contributions: ‘Emergency’ student roundtable

13 October 2020

UCL Urban Laboratory are calling for expressions of interest from UCL research students to participate in an upcoming roundtable on emergency urbanisms.

Venice, Italy

From COVID-19 to the climate emergency, or the fallout from financial crises to authoritarian governance: what are the characteristics and consequences of ‘emergency urbanism’ in its different forms?

UCL Urban Laboratory’s annual theme for 2020/21, in collaboration with the UCL Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction, examine the implications of such emergencies - both in the suspension of existing consensual processes and the imposition of new constraints - and in the opportunities it offers for new ways of mobilising, operating, and innovating in the field of urban governance, design, representation, equality, and infrastructure.

To launch the series this term, we are organising an online roundtable(s), including Urban Lab affiliated postgraduates, and other research students at UCL, whose work can speak to the ‘Emergency’ theme. The panel will be a public event hosted in November 2020.

If you are a current UCL research student, please send an expression of interest briefly outlining a topic/area you propose to discuss, via the Microsoft Form by Wednesday 21 October, 23.59 BST. You must be signed in to your UCL account to access and submit the form.

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