UCL Urban Laboratory


The Palestinian Museum's 2nd Annual Conference

7 December 2020

UCL Urban Laboratory co-director, Prof Camillo Boano, will be contributing to the Palestinian Museum's 2nd Annual Conference on 9th December - Unsettling Jerusalem: Academic Reflections and Societal Engagements.

Palestinian Museum annual conference

The Palestinian Museum will hold its 2nd annual conference, which complements its outgoing exhibition, Printed in Jerusalem: Mustamloun. Under the title Unsettling Jerusalem, the conference will examine the centrality of Jerusalem in the Palestinian political, cultural and social imaginaries.

Co-Director of the Urban Lab, Prof Camillo Boano, will be contributing to the third and final session of the day titled 'Jerusalem: Present and Future - Facilitation and Commentary', introduced by Nahed Habiballah, with his talk 'Jerusalem: The Paradigm for Urban Critical Studies'.

"Through this conference, the Palestinian Museum appends the research upon which its exhibitions, Jerusalem Lives (2017) and Printed in Jerusalem (2020), were built. In pondering the topics to be addressed, we found ourselves speaking of two Jerusalems or more. One lies here: Jerusalem as manifested in the individual and collective imaginaries. Another is more distant, walled off and sealed with military checkpoints, unattainable to Palestinians living in the diaspora, the West Bank and Gaza.

The conference will address the following questions: How can we read Jerusalem in the collective Palestinian imaginary? How is the centrality of Jerusalem represented in the Palestinian cultural sphere? Is there unanimity with regards to one Jerusalem? Is there one Jerusalemite voice? How does resistance mesh with the acts of ordinary daily life in the city? Does Palestinian discourse reflect the reality of Jerusalem and its features?"

Full programme is available here. Join via Zoom at https://zoom.us/j/98832059979