UCL Urban Laboratory


Hoe Street Community Bank opens in Walthamstow

12 March 2018

UCL Urban Laboratory is pleased to be supporting a project in the north London suburb of Walthamstow this month

Hoe Street Community Bank

Hoe Street Central Bank will be the centre of an act of citizen money creation and a programme of events on finance, debt and the search for economic alternatives that work more in the public's favour.

Local people of all ages and backgrounds will work with artist Hilary Powell, printmaker Spike Gascoigne and designer Phil Seddon to print £50,000 worth of Bank Job currency in just fourteen days. In place of the Queen, leaders of the local foodbank, homeless kitchen, youth project and primary school grace HSCB banknotes. As they are exchanged for pound sterling they will raise money for each banknote cause and the HSCB debt abolition fund - enabling the purchase and literal explosion of 1 million pounds worth of local predatory debt.

Engaging people in a collective act of printing money and abolishing local debt in a former high street bank is a provocative start to a timely conversation about economic justice and education. A programme of 'Money Talks' ranging from crypto currencies and good credit to debt and democracy brings together big name pundits with local action groups at HSCB.

HSCB is open daily from 11am - 5pm and during evening events until Sunday 25 March 2018, and is supported by Waltham Forest Council, Indycube, Lipman-Miliband Foundation, Raymond Williams Foundation, and UCL Urban Laboratory.

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