UCL Urban Laboratory


UCL Urban Laboratory presents exhibition at RIBA on privatised public space this summer

13 July 2015

This summer, The Practice Space at RIBA hosts an exhibition of photography, video and installation by Urban Lab artist-in-residence Max Colson, exploring privatised urban public space and security design

Virtual Control flyer

Presented by the UCL Urban Laboratory and The Leverhulme Trust, 'Virtual Control - Security and the Urban Imagination' focuses on urban environments that are nominally public, but owned and managed by commercial entities. Elements of the exhibition explore how carefully camouflaged surveillance technology is used to monitor these areas, and, potentially, to manipulate behaviour, whilst other sections repurpose 'photorealistic' imagery, marketing material and 3D animation techniques used to present idealised versions of these urban environments.

The exhibition is open from Thursday 9 July - Sunday 27 September. Free entry.

A selection of images can be viewed on Flickr: https://flic.kr/s/aHskdjyG8w