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Registration open for Urban Lab+ London Symposium on urban education

13 July 2015

Global Urban Higher Education: the Challenges and Potentials of Internationalisation

Registration has opened for the Urban Lab+ London Symposium, taking place at University College London on 16-17 September.

The symposium includes:

  • presentations by staff and students from the Urban Lab+ network on interdisciplinarity, intercultural learning and practice-orientation in urban education
  • a panel discussion on internationalising urban higher education with contributions from Professor Caren Levy (UCL), Professor Michael Keith (University of Oxford), Professor Jane M. Jacobs (Yale-NUS College), Professor Alan Penn (UCL), Professor Jenny Robinson (UCL), and Kasama Yamtree (openspace).
  • keynote talks by Dr Adrian Lahoud (Royal College of Art), Professor Susan Parnell (African Centre for Cities) and Professor Jane M Jacobs (Yale-NUS College).
  • talks from over thirty urban educators, researchers and practitioners who work in a wide range of contexts worldwide, including Jean-Paul Addie (UCL), Hooman Foroughmand Araabi (UCL), Giovanna Astolfo (UCL), Cristina Cerulli (University of Sheffield), Claire Colomb (UCL), Renato D'Alençon Castrillón (TU Berlin), Beatrice De Carli (University of Sheffield), Killian Doherty (UCL), Sarah Ernst (University of Sheffield), Somaiyeh Falahat (TU Berlin), Sara Favargiotti (University of Genoa), Maddalena Ferretti (LUH, Hannover), Alex Frediani (UCL), Sean Gallagher (Northeastern University), Natalia Khisamutdinova (Vladivostok University), Robin J H Kim (UCL), Florian Kossak (University of Sheffield), Barbara Lipietz (UCL), Mathilde Marengo (IAAC, Barcelona), Clare Melhuish (UCL), Leandro Minuchin (University of Manchester), Diana Mitlin (University of Manchester), Susan Moore (UCL), Patricia Nari (Universidad Nacional de Rosario), Caroline Newton (UCL), Catalina Ortiz (UCL), Mosè Ricci (University of Genoa), Chiara Rizzi (University of Trento), Alison Rooke (Goldsmiths), Alex Schafran (University of Leeds), M. Reza Shirazi (Oxford Brookes), Emanuele Sommariva (Leibniz Universität Hannover), Jeannette Sordi (Universidad Adolfo Ibañez), Stefania Staniscia (University of Trento), Gretchen Wilkins (RMIT), Christian von Wissel (Goldsmiths).

Register, free of charge, here: urbanhighereducation.eventbrite.co.uk
Visit the symposium website: bit.ly/plus-symposium