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DPU summerLab 2014 pamphlet now available

18 February 2015

Each summer the DPU summerLab hosts a workshop series in cities around the world - seeking to stimulate and provoke a reconsideration of the role of designers in promoting spatial justice


Now, the 2014 series pamphlet is available online. You can download the document (pdf) for free or read the document on issuu.

This 56-page-tabloid publication is edited by Camillo Boano and Giorgio Talocci and features works and reflections from the workshops run in Medellin, Beirut, London. DPU lecturers, local partners and participants share their analysis and viewpoints on these cities' contested grand narratives and emergent urbanisms, and question the current discipline and praxis of urban and architectural design in the light of the workshops' outcomes.

The DPU summerLab team is happy to announce also the special insert 'Depoliticising Verticality', featuring projects by the students of the USF School of Architecture + Community Design, who enthusiastically took part in the last two editions of the London summerLab.

To find out more about the DPU summerLab and to stay tuned for more information about the 2015 programmes please visit the DPU summerLab webpages.