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dpu summerLab 2013 pamphlet now available

16 January 2014



The dpusummerLab 2013 pamphlet is now available online (pdf). The 56-page tabloid publication was curated and edited by Camillo Boano, William Hunter and designed by Caroline Newton (The Bartlett Development Planning Unit, UCL) and features numerous pieces centred on summerlab experiences in Medellin, Santiago, Rome and London, during summer 2013. It contains reflections on urban complexities and the different design research experiences from collaborators and partners Catalina Ortiz, Camila Cociña, Alberto Duman, Azzurra Muzzonigro and contributions from participants as well as a discussion between Camillo Boano, William Hunter and the director of the UCL Urban Laboratory, Ben Campkin.

You can also read an interview Camillo Boano has recently given to the Rockefeller Resilient City program on the subject of Teaching Spatial Justice, which relates to the summerLab experience.

To find out more and for future information on the 2014 programmes please visit the summerLab webpage

dpusummerLab was born out of the MSc Building & Urban Design in Development (BUDD) course in 2009 and expanded in 2010 to a wider Bartlett Development Planning Unit initiative. Drawing on the progressive action-research and practice-based ethos of the DPU in collaboration with local partners in various host cities, the workshop series aims to leverage the reality of the city as a laboratory for developing socially responsive design measures. It is intended to provoke, stimulate, and reconsider the role of designers in promoting spatial justice.