UCL Urban Laboratory


Clare Melhuish awarded Perry Chapman Prize

24 October 2013

Clare Melhuish (Urban Laboratory Research Associate) and Jos Boys (Northumbria University) have been announced as this year's recipients of the Perry Chapman Prize, which funds research in the planning and design of higher education institutions

Jos and Clare will continue their examination of learning space design from a social sciences perspective. Their winning proposal, "Developing Research Methods for Analyzing Learning Spaces That Can Inform Institutional Missions of Learning and Engagement," considers our constant engagement with the world and seeks to study how learning is experienced in a contemporary campus environment. The results of their research will be disseminated in summer 2014. 

The Perry Chapman Prize is supported by The Hideo Sasaki Foundation under the auspices of the Society for College and University Planning (SCUP), and seeks to honor the intellectual contributions of M. Perry Chapman.