UCL Urban Laboratory


Apps and urban space: call for interviewees

31 May 2013

Regner Ramos, a UCL Urban Laboratory and Bartlett School of Architecture doctoral candidate, has launched a Call for Interviewees, to have conversations with users of two mobile apps called Mappiness and Grindr.

Grindr College (c) Regner Ramos

His research focuses on the apps' spatial qualities and their effect on users' identities. Mappiness and Grindr users are sought out to participate in a short, confidential interview, to get a wider scope on the way the apps are used, how they relate to urban space, and how their users construct virtual personas. In the case of Grindr, the research also explores how Grindr-users perceive their sexual identity/orientation in relation to urban spaces. 


The interview involves one session lasting approximately 30-40  minutes and will take place at UCL or at public space in London, such as the Royal Festival Hall, but participants are welcome to select the location which best suits them. The confidential findings from the interviews will be used to design an event as part of the PhD. If you are interested in confidentially taking part, or would like to know more about the study or the apps, please send an email to regner.ramos.11[at]ucl.ac.uk or visit http://ucl-research.tumblr.com for more information.