UCL Urban Laboratory


Urban Laboratory launches Urban Pamphleteer #2: Regeneration Realities

11 December 2013


Urban Pamphleteer #2: Regeneration Realities (pdf) features analyses of regeneration, practical case studies and ideas that address questions such as "Is it possible to reclaim and rethink regeneration as a concept and set of practices?". "How can we develop ethical, evidence-based and rigorous methods of regeneration that better serve the communities in whose name it is carried out?", "If economic growth, and the supposed 'trickle-down' effects of increased land values have come to dominate regeneration rhetoric and practice, how can they be rebalanced towards the needs and values of existing communities?". 

Contributors include: Duncan Bowie, Howard Read, Loretta Lees, David Roberts, Andrea Luka Zimmerman, Stephanie Butcher, Alexandre Apsan Frediani, Paul Watt, Alberto Duman, Phil Cohen, Isik Knutsdotter, Ben Campkin and Michael Edwards. 

Hard and digital copies were launched on 11 December 2013.