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New Urban Laboratory book

30 October 2012

Urban Constellations, a new Urban Laboratory book edited by Matthew Gandy, is now available

Urban Constellations

For more information and to purchase the book please visit the jovis website.

Cities are an unprecedented focus of attention: over half the world now lives in them, culture and politics are significantly shaped by them, and they are also focal points for new relationships between nature, technology and the human body. Contributions to this book explore themes such as new forms of political mobilisation, the effects of economic instability, the political ecology of urban nature, and the presence of collective memory. Cultural aspects of urban change are also considered including the work of artists, filmmakers and others who have sought to critically engage with processes of urban change.

Contributors to the book include: Lara Almarcegui; Johan Andersson; Pushpa Arabindoo; Karen Bakker; Stephen Barber; Sarah Bell; Iain Borden; Neil Brenner; Ben Campkin; Mustafa Dikeç; Ger Duijzings; Michael Edwards; Matthew Gandy; David Gissen; Stephen Graham; Maren Harnack; Andrew Harris; Sandra Jasper; Roger Keil; Karolina Kendall-Bush; Köbberling & Kaltwasser; Martin Kohler; Patrick Le Galès; Lucrezia Lennert; Noam Leshem; Leandro Minuchin; Ulrike Mohr; Louis Moreno; Laura Oldfield Ford; Giles Omezi; Jane Rendell; Jennifer Robinson; Rebecca Ross; Joachim Schlör; Christian Schmid; Hyun Bang Shin; Abdou Maliq Simone; Erik Swyngedouw; Mark Tewdwr-Jones; C. Claire Thomson; Karen E. Till; Meike Wolf; and Benedikte Zitouni.