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Creative City Limits pamphlet

30 October 2012

New UCL Urban Laboratory pamphlet considering the urban and cultural impact of the new era of austerity

Creative City Limits pamphlet

Over the past twenty years the idea of the 'creative city' has become increasingly widespread in conceptualising economic growth and planning urban development. But with the rise of austerity as a political agenda, the downsizing of the state poses significant tests for a continued emphasis on urban creativity in stimulating growth and rejuvenating urban communities. 

Creative City Limits is a new UCL Urban Laboratory pamphlet that considers the urban and cultural impact of the new era of austerity, and questions the ambiguous social and political assumptions of 'creative city' policy making.  Aiming to provide a concise and provocative summary of contemporary debates currently underway in academia, the authors outline ways that the notion of the creative city might be challenged and reformulated in light of current economic difficulties and new social priorities.

'A cogent, critical guide to the absurdities of the creative cities movement.'

Aditya Chakrabortty from the Guardian newspaper.

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