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Social Housing in the 2020s: Delivery and Management Models for a Just City

20 September 2023, 4:30 pm–6:00 pm

Social Housing in the 2020s public event

This hybrid event forms part of a one-day International Workshop that aims to generate a comparative discussion on how social housing is provided in different cities and the extent to which this contributes or not to a just and inclusive city. The final discussion will take place between the workshop participants, gathering academics and key actors involved in social housing, including elected officials, civil servants, and housing professionals.

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Camillo Boano – Development Planning Unit

About the discussion:

Housing is increasingly becoming the central struggle for just and inclusive cities. The production and management of housing intersect with policy in other domains, ending up having different impacts on different individuals and social groups depending on intersecting dimensions of identity (gender, race, age, class, sexuality, citizenship, disability, religion, etc.). Therefore, housing plays a central role in how inclusive or exclusive a city is, determining who can live and cannot live in the city and in which conditions. Local and central governments are more and more recognising the importance of their role in the provision and regulation of housing and how their role has broader impacts on rental and property markets. Different governments are putting forward different models for social housing provision and for the regulation of the housing market, models that increasingly involve other actors. There is a strong relation between the production of housing and the production of the city. However, we often see production of housing without a project of the city. Equally interesting is where there is a project of the city without a project of housing, leading to city models characterised by precarity and informality without production of decent housing.

This event has been organised by UCL Urban Laboratory Co-Director, Camillo Boano with support from Development Planning Unit and UCL Urban Laboratory. Further details on the full programme can be found via https://www.ucl.ac.uk/bartlett/development/events/2023/sep/social-housin...