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Monuments Remember

01 April 2017, 6:00 pm–8:00 pm

Monuments Remember

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Brixton Pound Cafe, 77 Atlantic Road, London SW9 8PU

UCL Urban Laboratory is supporting an exhibition by Urban Studies MSc students at UCL in the Brixton Pound Cafe on Saturday 1 April.

Statues. We see them everywhere in London, many from the heyday of the British Empire, proud men memorialised for their military conquests. And then there's that odd one in the corner of our neighbourhood park-he's ever-seeing, but hardly seen.

Monuments Remember presents six eulogies for London written from the point of view of statues. Borrowing the aestheics of broadsheet newspapers, the exhibition seeks to provide a space to remember the landscapes of the city from the perspective of the figures cast in stone that watch its incremental changes over hours, years, decades and centuries.

The exhibition is free to attend and BYOB (there is a shop next door).

We are afraid that due to venue restrictions, there is no wheelchair access to the exhibition space.

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