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Creating Connections East 4

25 November 2015, 6:00 pm–8:00 pm

Creating Connections East

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Stratford Library, The Grove, London E15 1EL

Creating Connections East is a regular networking event organised by UCL's Public Engagement Unit that brings together staff and postgraduate students from UCL and the University of East London with representatives from community organisations, charities, residents' groups, social enterprises and statutory organisations in Newham. The evening is a mixture of themed discussions in small groups with more informal hob-nobbing; the aim is to find areas of common interest and encourage collaborative working.

Topics will include:

  • Sustainable Cities

Come and meet people interested in urban regeneration & communities; sustainable transport; pollution & health; climate change and cities; waste and recycling; urban food production; and more.

  • Gender Equality

Come and meet people interested in gender equality and access to services; the role of women's community organisations; campaigning and gender equality; gender equality and the law; gender equality and the school curriculum; UN Sustainable Development Goal 5: Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls; and more.

  • Education and the STEM subjects

Come and meet people interested in how to engage young people in Science, Technology Engineering & Maths; in STEM and life-long learning; the role of science fairs and events; connections between school curricula and universities; and more.

  • Service delivery and public policy

Come and meet people interested in how public policy lessons can be drawn from the experience of delivering community services; how to gather data and identify trends; how academia and the voluntary and community sector can collaborate in the public policy area; and more.

  • The Digital Divide

Come and meet people interested in how to create better access for people to technologies; in the impact on the digital divide on older people; on people on low incomes; on young people; on the impact of new technologies on communities; and more.

  • Community Festivals

Come and meet people interested in different type of community festivals; in what's been successful in the past, and what hasn't; how universities can play a role; in supporting communities to programme their own events; and more.

If you've any questions or comments about the event, contact John Braime at UCLU Volunteering Services Unit or Kim Townsend at UCL's Public Engagement Unit.

Creating Connections East is organised by UCL's Public Engagement Unit, UCLU's Volunteering Services Unit, University of East London, and London Borough of Newham.