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Urban Salon: seminar programme

21 November 2013–05 December 2013, 6:00 pm–8:00 pm


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The Urban Salon seminar series is committed to encouraging collaboration and networking across the different London colleges, where there are significant concentrations of urban researchers working on many different cities across the world within very close proximity. The programme adopts a pro-active approach to stimulating international and comparative urban research, and brings together presenters and discussants working on different cities but sharing thematic interests to encourage conceptual debate across a variety of different urban contexts.

This season's Urban Salon programme comprises three seminars.

Thursday 17 October 6pm

Learning from International Urban Planning Practice

Venue: UCL Gower St., Pearson Building Exhibition Room, G07

Rosanna Law (AECOM Design and Planning, London)


Robin Bloch (ICF GHK, London)

Discussants: Mike Raco (Bartlett School of Planning, UCL) and Camillo Boano (Development Planning Unit, UCL).

Chair: Jenny Robinson (Geography, UCL)

This season's Urban Salon programme begins on October 17th with two international urban development practitioners, Rosanna Law (AECOM) and Robin Bloch (GHK) to consider how urban studies and urban practice can learn from each other. With the growing influence of the experiences of cities across the globe in shaping urban theory, and inspired by the provocation of Sue Parnell, Edgar Pieterse, Vanessa Watson and others that urban studies needs to draw insights from engagements with urban development practice, we are delighted to have the opportunity to hear from two experienced international practitioners.  The discussants, whose research interests stretch from the UK and Taiwan (Mike Raco) to South America, Middle East and Central Europe (Camillo Boano) will start the discussion. Please see our websitewww.theurbansalon.org for background papers to the presentations.

Rosanna Law will draw on the case study of the Doha Masterplan. Her article with Kevin Underwood, "Msheireb Heart of Doha: An Alternative Approach to Urbanism in the Gulf Region" (International Journal of Islam Architecture, 2012) can be found on the urban salon website (www.theurbansalon.org).

Please see the Urban Salon website for further details. 

Thursday 21 November 6pm, LSE (venue tbc)

De-centering global urban studies: learning from small cities in the South

Mathieu Hilgers (Université Libre de Bruxelles, Laboratoire d'Anthropologie des Mondes Contemporains),

Chair: Hyun Shin (Geography, LSE).

Thurs 5 December 6pm, UCL Gower St., Pearson Building Exhibition Room, G07

Public Housing in a Private Time: NYCHA (New York City Housing Authority) and neoliberalism.

David Madden (Sociology, LSE)

Further details tbc.

Do bring drinks or nibbles to share after the seminars, when there will be an opportunity for informal discussion and networking.

Organised by: 

Pushpa Arabindoo (UCL)

Monica Degen (Brunel)

Michael Guggenheim (Goldmsiths)

Hyun Shin (LSE)

Loretta Lees (Leicester)

Jenny Robinson (UCL)