Research and publications

UCL Transport Institute has defined a set of six research themes to guide our work:

At the core of these themes is our principal motivation, quality of life, and the cross-cutting theme of Equity.


At the heart of the policy wheel is quality of life and this is central to the Transport Institute's ethos: we are particularly interested in policy-relevant research that can have a positive impact on people's quality of life.

Also at the heart is equity which reflects the presence of fairness and equality amongst UCL's values. We are very interested in the distributional aspects of transport policies/interventions and will prioritise research that meaningfully informs the policy debate on this topic.

Surrounding the six themes are policy and practice, in recognition of their roles as drivers of much of what happens in transport. It also reminds us of the huge importance of governance to the success or failure of transport initiatives.

We're deliberately interpreting each of our six themes broadly and acknowledge that there is plenty of overlap. Nor is this set of six themes exhaustive: we expect to be doing plenty that doesn't naturally fall into any of the six. Put simply, if it's about transport, we're interested.