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Wednesday 20th June 2018

Peter Walker, the Guardian's political correspondent, talks about attitudes to cycling.  Slides.

He is preceded by co-organiser of Cycling@Tea-time, Neil Guthrie, who offers a round-up of cycling news.  Slides.

Cycling@Tea-time#28 - Is Dockless Rudderless?

Thursday 7th December 2017

Conor Walsh of Bikeplus provides an overview of dockless including ongoing efforts to encourage best practice.  Slides.

Co-organiser of Cycling@Tea-time, Neil Guthrie, provides some cycling news from around the world.  Slides.

Ian Davey of BTN BikeShare in Brighton describes his city's hybrid scheme, combining some characteristics of docked and dockless.  Slides.


Tuesday 10th October 2017

Will Norman, the Mayor of London's Walking and Cycling Commissioner, reflects on the draft Mayor's Transport Strategy and what's in the pipeline for cycling in London. Slides.

Co-organiser of Cycling@Tea-time, Neil Guthrie, provides some cycling news from around the world.  Slides.

Then Claudia Peñaranda and Alex Longdon of TfL describe and discuss their work on the Strategic Cycling Analysis for London.  Slides


Wednesday 2 August 2017

Mini-Holland update: candid presentations on progress with the schemes

Richard Eason of Cycle Enfield (slides pdf) and 

Tony Antoniou of Go Cycle Kingston (slides pdf)  


Monday 5th June 2017

Promoting cycling in unpromising locations

  • Michael Natrass and Alan Latham, UCL Geography (slides) - pdf
  • Phillip Danton, UK Bicycle Association and former chair of Cycling England (spoke without slides)


Monday 20th March 2017

 Cycling and Modelling


Monday 12th December 2016

 Cycling and diversity

  • Tiffany Lam, researcher (slides)
  • Tom Becker, Transport for London (slides)

Review the recording of the event


Thursday 24th November 2016

 Cycling and disability

  • Dr Billy Clayton of University of the West of England
  • Isabelle Clement of Wheels for Wellbeing

Listen to a recording of the session



Wednesday 13th July 2016

· Georgia Lewis and Harry Scrope of Brompton Bike Hire talk about a sustainable bike hire model

· Jon Little and Rebecca Shiel of Waltham Forest give us the latest on their borough's Mini-Holland scheme

Watch a video of the session and/or review


Wednesday 22th June 2016

John Carrigan of Birmingham City Council explained their targeted initiative of giving bicycles away as part of the Big Birmingham Bikes project.

Watch a video of the session and/or review John's slides.


Wednesday 8th June 2016

Phil Jones of Phil Jones Associates gave a double presentation: first he told us about work he's doing on guidance for Cycling & Walking Infrastructure Plans; then he described helping Highway England with their cycling strategy.

Watch a video of the session and/or review the slides.


Tuesday 19th April 2016

Antonia Roberts, Manager of Bikeplus (a member of the Carplus family), told us what she has learnt about bike-sharing schemes and about what Bikeplus plans to do in the UK.

Watch a video of the session and/or review the slides.


Wednesday 23rd March 2016

Cycle parking: Peter Siemensma gave a personal and Dutch perspective & Nick Knight of Ecocycle spoke about the parking model he brought to the UK from Japan. 

Watch a video of the session and/or review their slides here and here.


Tuesday 23rd February 2016

Yaron Hollander presented his thinking about appraising cycling projects.

Watch a video of the session and/or review his slides.


Tuesday 19th January 2016

Lucy Marstrand, cycling officer at Bournemouth Borough Council told us about what has been achieved for cycling there and the plans to do more, including a new highway design guide.

Watch a video of the session.

Review Lucy's slides

Cycling@Tea-time#14 - TfL's Bruce McVean and Brian Deegan

Wednesday 16th December 2015

Bruce's talk was called "Complementary modes? Walking, cycling and the quest for a more liveable city"; Brian spoke about the concept and execution of the Quietways programme.

Watch a video of the session

Review Bruce's or Brian's slides

Cycling@Lunchtime#13 - Cycle logistics: the state of the art

Wednesday 18th November 2015

Richard Armitage gave a thoughtful and engrossing presentation about the opportunities and challenges faced by the world of cycle logistics.

Watch a video of Richard's presentation (uses Adobe Flash) or review his slides

Cycling@Lunchtime#12 - Changes in TfL cycle designs

Wednesday 14th October 2015

Korak van Tuyl and Jack Pulker of Transport for London gave a survey of recent developments in provision for cyclists in London, with particular reference to signals.

Watch a video of the session (uses Adobe flash)

Review the slides from Korak's and Jack's presentation but please note you won't be able to watch the linked videos - you can see these in the session video. And here are links to various related educational videos on TfL's Youtube channel:

YouTube Widget Placeholderhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8owFWmUSw8



YouTube Widget Placeholderhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6AOWm-yKey8


YouTube Widget Placeholderhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JFL-c7Sv9Q8


YouTube Widget Placeholderhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jDYbhxbl0hQ


Cycling@Lunchtime#11 - the Mini-Holland projects of Enfield and Waltham Forest

Wednesday 9th September 2015

Rachel Buck of Enfield and Jon Little of Waltham Forest both gave detailed presentations concerning progress to date with the Mini-Holland projects in their respective boroughs.  Jean-Christophe Chassard (of Kingston, home to London's other Mini-Holland) then joined them on stage for the Q&A.

Watch a video of the session (uses Adobe flash)

Review Rachel Buck's slide

Review Jon Little's slides

Cycling@Lunchtime#10 - the City of London's Albert Cheung on contraflows

Wednesday 9th July 2015

Albert explained the thinking behind the City's ambitious programme of cycling contraflows and how the schemes have been planned, implemented and evaluated.

Read Albert's slides and/or listen to an audio recording of the session

Cycling@Lunchtime#9 - John Dales on sharing and segregating

Wednesday 17th June 2015

John is Director of Urban Movement and Chair of the Transport Planning Society.  We asked him to address the following two topics:

· Segregation - Dutch, Danish or "light"?  Is there a best option for the UK?

· Impact of shared space schemes on cycling

See how John responded.  Watch John's presentation or review his slides

Cycling@Lunchtime#8 - Ten reasons why "Public Health" doesn't seem to be championing the cycling agenda

Tuesday 12th May 2015

Lucy Saunders works for both TfL and the GLA as Public Health Specialist (Transport & Public Realm).

Public Health staff, budgets and responsibilities returned from the NHS to Local Authorities in March 2013. It was widely expected this would make it much easier to implement Active Travel policies with Public Health putting their weight behind a step change in activity to meet the physical inactivity challenge. But so far transport planners and advocates have been disappointed. Lucy has worked in both public health teams and transport teams and will offer ten possible factors (personal, structural, cultural and political) that are contributing to the current situation.

Cycling-not-at-lunchtime - High visibility and cycling - balancing safety and culture

Friday 1st May 2015

Dr Glen Koorey, from University of Canterbury, New Zealand, talked about the debate and the evidence concerning the question of whether those on bicycles are safer in fluorescent yellow.

Cycling@Lunchtime#7 - Presumed Liability - what we know and what we don't

Please note that the playback software uses Adobe Flash.

For those who do not have Flash installed or simply wish to look at the slides from the presentation

Cycling@Lunchtime#6 - the Lewes Road scheme in Brighton

  • Please note that the playback software uses Adobe Flash.

For those who do not have Flash installed or simply wish to look at the slides from the presentation

Presentation slides

Cycling@Lunchtime#5 - Cycle-friendly roundabouts: case studies from Bedford and Cambridge

And, if you'd like to see Sustrans' 15-minute video of the roundabout in action, please contact Alasdair - amassie(at)peterbrett.com

For those who do not have Flash installed or simply wish to look at the slides from the two presentations

Cycling@Lunchtime#4 - Making cycling acceptable - how do we do it and does it even matter?  The cases of London and Mexico City

Click here to watch a recording of Kim Carlotta von Schönfeld's presentation from 14th January.  Please note that the playback software uses Adobe Flash.

For those who do not have Flash installed or simply wish to look at the slides, they are


Cycling@Lunchtime #3

3 December 2014

Ben Kennedy of London Borough of Hackney speaks about developing a cycling borough. Click

for slides from the event.

Cycling@Lunctime #2

4th November 2014

Adrian Lord and Simon Hollowood of Steer Davies Gleave speak about pedestrian/cycle conflict. Click

for slides from the event.


2 October 2014

Marcus Jones of TRL speaks about the emerging findings from research on segregated facilities for cyclists.