Transforming UCL


A Masterplan for Bloomsbury... to Transform UCL

A masterplan for Bloomsbury

The Masterplan was released in 2011 with a broad vision for the future of UCL. Now after three years of preparation and planning some of the first major projects are being rolled out across the campus… The Masterplan was designed to improve the student experience and upgrade our teaching and learning space. Now the work of UCL Estates is turning that vision into a reality, to transform UCL whilst allowing the University to continue it's business as usual operations.

A suite of projects to enhance the student and staff experience began in Summer 2012 to help to improve student learning spaces with an extended programme of works that followed into 2013. Now there are a range of 'hubs' across the campus the most recent of which is the Cruciform Hub which has opened in time for Autumn 2014, as well as the Royal Free Hub within the Royal Free hospital and the Whittington Hub in the Highgate Wing. 

Each UCL Estates project has a distinct set of priorities to ensure that the best use of space, time and money is invested into each project to ensure that the University experience for students and staff at UCL remains second to none. The collection of projects address multiple issues across the campus, looking at wasted space, a lack of accessibility, and improved teaching and learning space. 

Bloomsbury Masterplan