Transforming UCL


Managing Construction Logistics

Managing Construction Logistics

UCL now provides centralised welfare services for the numerous construction workers, to ensure adequate provision of welfare is available. Below are some of the projects that are taking place on campus to help tie together these multiple concerns and provide health and safety training and on-site induction to our operatives.

Logistics Consolidation

Transforming UCL Safely by reducing the number of deliveries onto campus

Welfare Facilities

Centralised office, canteen and changing facilities for UCL's contractors

Why Centralise Logistics?

UCL appointed Wilson James as the Construction Logistics Partner and they started mobilising on the 11 August 2014. The primary focus of activity is in the central campus area where the majority of capital investment and EM&I projects will be delivered.

The construction logistics team serves Capital Projects, Engineering Maintenance & Infrastructure (EM&I) Projects, Minor Works and Quick Wins taking place across the campus.

Running multiple projects concurrently in the central campus may give risk to additional risk if uncontrolled, for example:

  • The safety of students, staff and the general public - in and around the University estate.
  • Disruption to 'business as usual' activities - teaching, research, public events, supply chains and other University activities.
  • Confusion caused by changes to pedestrian and vehicle access and circulation routes into and around the campus.

Wilson James activities are fundamental in reducing safety risk and managing any conflicts within the space outside of individual construction site boundaries which would become overwhelmed with individual project delivery and activity without central control. Wilson James are visible on campus wearing blue hi-vi's safety jackets, working together with Traffic Marshalls who will be wearing orange jackets.

UCL also recognises the potential cost saving that can be achieved from centralising the control of certain activities, such as waste through one provider. The proposed use of consolidation services for palletised material deliveries will benefit the University by using more efficient and sustainable methods of transport operations and reducing vehicle movements.

The need to centrally manage construction logistics is crucial to the delivery of a successful transformation programme at UCL within a live campus environment, within the constraints of the existing business as usual activities. The UCL Estates acknowledge that Construction Logistics is an essential and skilled discipline which working side-by-side to the business as usual will facilitate success.