Transforming UCL


Level 38, One Canada Square

Project Overview

The UCL School of Management has created a new home on the 38th floor of One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, with state-of-the-art teaching and research facilities. The new development will relieve pressure on the Bloomsbury campus through provision of new, high-quality research, teaching and office space.

The expansion positions UCL School of Management at the heart of London's financial sector and immediately beneath Level 39, the world leading Fintech accelerator. The new facility will establish the UCL School of Management as a global business school, whose world-leading research, faculty and teaching facilities can compete with top-ranked business schools in the UK such as London Business School, Imperial, Cambridge and Oxford, and other global business schools such as INSEAD, Harvard, Stanford and MIT.

The new space has been designed by architects Levitt Bernstein in collaboration with the School's Director, Bert De Reyck. In accordance with the School's focus on innovation, technology, analytics and entrepreneurship, and taking cues from start-up workspaces, academic workspaces and corporate environments, the new facility has been purposely designed to encourage active collaboration and communication between students and faculty.

The new premises will give the UCL School of Management the opportunity to create and establish its own unique identity, helping to build its international profile and attract the best academic talent and students from around the globe in order to produce world-leading research, economic and societal impact and innovative education.

The new facility is located on one single floor which will provide a full range of university facilities including all necessary teaching, research, administrative, social and support facilities. Some key aspects of the floor include:

Villages - six distinct zones called 'villages' which each serve different aspects of the School's work and have their own unique identities, defined by different colours and textures. All the villages are connected to reinforcing collaboration between groups.

Student hub - a welcome area for visitors with an informal seating area, where students can meet, sit and work.

Teaching space - there are two lecture theatres able to accommodate 70 and 85 people. Both are designed in the Harvard-style, with seats in an intimate semi-circular and tiered format ideal for the discussion-style teaching that is characteristic of the School. There is also a seminar space for 35 people and 10 breakout rooms capable of accommodating up to eight people in each.

Views - the entrances to each of the villages are open to allow glimpses into the spaces, but also allow views of the London skyline beyond. Being situated on 38th floor provides stunning views of the capital, with the Olympic Park in the north, the Millennium Dome in the east, the Old Royal Naval College in the south and the Shard in the west. The "View from the 38th" is a central theme of the School's research identity providing a distinctive view of the world of business and management through the lens of innovation, technology, analytics and entrepreneurship.


Please see the UCL School of Management website for further information.